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Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

At Prestige English we are dedicated to providing a continuous, reliable and high quality service to our students and maintaining a close relationship with each student. For this to be successful the following guidelines must be followed.


For cancellation of lessons by either party, a minimum of 24hrs is required. To maintain continuous progress of students learning, a make up lesson should be arrange at the earliest available opportunity for both student and tutor.

Due to high demand in tutors schedule, if sufficient notification is not given regarding the cancellation of a lesson, 50% of the lesson cost may be charged if no make up lesson is scheduled.

Changes to Lesson/Termination

If either student or tutor wishes to revise the lesson time slot or stop the tutoring service, at least 1 months notice should be given to ensure sufficient time to complete students work, and allow tutor to prepare for this revision.

Usage of Materials

The usage of Copyright © Prestige English materials is strictly for tutor/student usage only.

Copying for other students, teachers, classrooms, departments, schools, or school systems is strictly prohibited

Failure to comply is a copyright infringement and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Materials are intended for classroom and personal use by the original student ONLY. It may not be uploaded to any website for free or paid download. All rights reserved by author.

Thank You!

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