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Prestige English HK Official Facebook Page


The official Prestige English Facebook pages offers a wide range of unique materials and exclusive offers to all!


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Check out some of the fun and useful themed material that are uploaded daily for FREE!!

English Grammar

Worried about your written or oral grammar skills?


No problem! Take a look at Prestige English's grammar rules and tips to help you build fluency and confidence.


Perfect for young learners and adults to brush up on their English grammar.


Using Idioms in your daily life is the perfect way to sound like a Native English speaker.


The possibilities and occasions to use are endless


Make sure not to miss a single post by following here.

Western Culture

Want to know more about your Business Clients? Colleagues? Friends? Favourite TV shows? 


Then look no further! the Prestige English Facebook page offers you a unique insight into the minds, cultures, and etiquette of Western people and their behaviour.

Word of the Day (Advanced)

Already familiar with the English language and want to boost your lexicon?

Here is your chance!!

Look out for the Advance Word of The Day EVERY Monday


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Kids Word of the Day

Want to give your young children a boost with their English vocabulary?


Take a look at the Prestige English page for a wide variety of new words to learn and words for revision and blending practise.


What to expect: Animals/Professions/School/Home/Food/and more!


Ever feel confused or haven't got the foggiest about what your friends or colleagues are talking about??


Then check out the Slang section on Prestige English HK Official Facebook page for uploads of:


British Slang/American Slang/Australian Slang/and More!! 

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