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This is the 1st book in the 15 book series of the Prestige English Grammar Series.

Recommended for beginners and as an introduction to the wonderful world of grammar.
Please also download the 18 page FREE SAMPLE file of this booklet to preview its content and assess it suitability to your students’ level.

Book Content:
1. Greeting Phrases 
2. Adjectives 
3. Numbers 
4. Singular and Plural Nouns 
5. Articles 
6. Countable and Uncountable Nouns 

Prestige English strive to offer the highest quality of work for its customers.
The books in this grammar series have all been produced by hand, and therefore mistakes make occur. 
Should in the rare occasion you find a mistake in numbering, spelling, etc… please contact us directly immediately and we will be more than happy to rectify the issue.

English Grammar Book - Level 1 - Book 1

SKU: 364215376135199
  • 56 pages
    Formatted for A4 double-sided printing.

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