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Professional Proofreading/Editing


Prestige English provide professional high quality and accurate document proofreading and editing to a wide range of professionals and students.


Writing clearly and correctly in formal English is essential to the professional image of many academics, businesses, professionals or students and even tiny errors and inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting can compromise that image or grade. They can also prevent your work from being published or earning a passing grade, hindering the progress of your career. 


We provide a wide-ranging proofreading and editing services for academic, professional, and personal documents, including:


  • PhD Theses

  • Journal Articles

  • Academic and Scientific Books

  • Teaching Materials

  • Conference Announcements and Speeches

  • Dissertations, Essays and Presentations

  • Degree and Job Applications, CVs

  • Author Writing and Biographies

  • Letters, Memos and Emails

  • Websites, Brochures, Posters and Flyers



For more information and pricing, follow the following steps:


1. Send your email to:

2. Remember to include:

                                        a) File Attachment/Link

                                        b) Description of your document and requirements

                                        c) Time scale (when the completed document is required by)

                                        d) Any additional information that may be useful


       We will process and reply to you request promptly.


We will correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the writing that you submit to us and ensure that punctuation and spelling patterns (those of British versus American English, for instance) are consistent throughout your document and meet the requirements of any guidelines that you are following.

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